Academic Writing

To Get it Done, Cultivate:

  • Places (your workspace)
  • Routines (like the daily writing routine)
  • Personal Care (the foundation)
  • Purpose (why do it)
  • People (support networks)

Developed from: Petriglieri et al. ‘Thriving in the Gig Economy’


  • A cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.)
  • Scrivener
  • Citation software (Zotero)
  • A note-taking app (Evernote, Bear, OneNote)
  • Excel/Google Sheets
  • F.lux (makes the color of your laptop display adapt to the time of day)

A daily writing practice





  • Forest (for keeping your phone away from you)
  • Be Focused (for setting pomodoro-like timers)
  • (for study sounds/music)

Getting Writing Done:

  • Pomodoro Method
  • Spreadsheet for Tracking Writing
  • Curb Digital Distractions
  • Establish a Writing Partnership