Public Writing

“The Social Life of the Riverside Chaucer.” Avidly. June 2021.

“The Fishy Origins of Brexit.” Public Seminar. January 2021.

On Scottish Independence.” Interview with Calum Barnes, n+1. September 2014.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Medieval Scottish Historians and the Contest for Britain.” Modern Language Quarterly, 82.2 (2021): 149-175. 

“‘Wereyed on every side’: Geoffrey Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde and the Logic of Siege Warfare.” New Medieval Literatures 20 (2020): 74-106.

“A New Manuscript of Knyghthode and Bataile. With A.S.G. Edwards (University of Kent), Medium Ævum 87.1 (2018): 137-141.

Book Chapters

“Alliance, Antagonism, and Resistance: Scotland in the Hundred Years War.” Chapter submitted to The Hundred Years War and European Literary History.

Reference Works

“The Hundred Years War” and “The Yeoman” in The Chaucer Encyclopedia, gen. ed. Richard Newhauser (Forthcoming, Wiley-Blackwell).

Book Reviews

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